Info who?

Let me explain what Infolinks is all about. Infolinks are just regular links that you’ve probably clicked on one of my post before. To give you a better picture on how you can differentiate my regular link from infolinks, I have made a screenshot from one of my article. Take a look.

infolinks thumb My Infolinks

As you can see, when you hover your cursor over the link, it gives you a detailed information on what it is all about. Not only that it gives additional and valuable resources to all of my post, but it was also one of my main source of income in this blog. Yes, I am earning through infolinks. And I am not talking about cents here but dollars. Other in-text advertising companies like Kontera will only give you pennies for a whole month.

I have been with infolinks for the past 7-8 months and all I can say is praises. They proved to be much better than Kontera in terms of integration, earning, and support. If you are new to blogging, you’ll find it how easy to install and customize your links through their integration guide. If that’s not enough, just shoot an email to their support and they will help you all the way.

BTW, just recently kontera emailed me about a promo saying that they will pay 20% more from what I am earning from infolinks, but I did not oblige. Infolinks is like a family to me already and I don’t see that reason to drop infolinks right away and besides I have tried kontera’s in-text advertising before. I don’t think with the extra 20%, I’ll be able to get the same support and love that I am getting with infolinks.

It’s up for you to decide weather infolinks is rightful for you but for me, there’s no question asked. I’ll always be one of their proud publishers who will continue to shout out how excellent they are in the filed of in-text advertising.

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