Assuming you have an Interent connection, What comes to your mind whenever you are about to turn on the computer? E-mail? Friendster? Multiply? Yahoo Messenger? Research? ( really!!?) Anyway, most of us will definitely check the e-mails first and the latter will follow.

Nowadays, advertising is changing the way on how advertisers deliver their products to consumer. Internet marketing is one hell of a money making machine for companies who are running their business online. And everytime you sign-up for social communities online (e.g. friendster), do research, and surf the internet; somebody is indeed earning.

How can we take part as a regular internet user to earn money online as well?

Does the television station pay you whenever commercials are being aired? How about the radio stations? Newspapers? I myself is not earning from them, do you? What I want to tell you guys is, you as a regular internet user, you too can also earn money online. A lot of ways are available in the web but the most effective way is by having them in your inbox. Yes through e-mails. Advertisers call this direct or targeted advertising. The best part of this is, they employ the concept of network marketing. The more people you refer to sign-up the more money you can get. Check it out!

Here are some of my affiliates:

  1. Hits4Pay – An automatic $10 bonus will be credited to your account by simply signing-up! What more can you ask for? Hits4pay, pays you for the e-mails that you read.
  2. Clixsense – Get paid to click on ads and websites.
  3. – Like clixsense, pays you to view ads.

Since most will require you to have a valid e-mail address, it is a best practice to separate personal e-mails from your money makers, so better have an extra e-mail address ready. Also a Fellow blogger, Kirby reviewed at least 8 money makers online for his readers. Make sure to check them as well. Visit kirby’s website.