Advertlets to hit Pinoy Blogosphere, Soon

September 9, 2007 is the time when I first joined Advertlets and that was the same time that I am looking for other ways of making money online through blogging. What made me sign up with Advertlets is the way how they design their ads. It’s simple, fun to look at and interactive. You wouldn’t notice much that it is an ad. So how cool is that? The hybrid poll survey is what I love most, I tried running it for about a week and manage to earn a few extra bucks. The problem during that time is, Philippines is not yet within their scope of support, so I decided to take the code out first. Malaysia and Singapore are just the two leading countries wherein bloggers are enjoying the full benefit of monetizing their site.

Who are they?

Advertlets is like Pay-Per-Post and Google Adsense combined. Aside from their ad banners and hybrid polls, they do offer a program to review and you’ll get paid for every successful post you’ve made. The minimum payout is RM 100.00. Currently there are 115 Million polls answered and 105 Billion page impressions in just eight months of operation. Now, as they plan to make waves in the Philippine Blogosphere, they need 500-1000 Pinoy bloggers to spread the word before they officially launch it here in the Philippines. And wait, there’s more! a special bonus awaits for those early birds who will sign-up. This is it, if you’re really looking for something BIG online, then Advertlets is the one we have been waiting for.

You can check the hybrid poll here coz I have some trouble running the code in this site. I Plan to have a new theme for December just to run the Advertlets code flawlessly. The banner is at the bottom.

Pinoy Bloggers who currently made a post of Advertlets:

Contact me if you have made a post of Advertlets, I’ll include your site in this list.