Did you miss my first post about this series of webhosting? If you do, I encourage you to read my first article about “The Pros and Cons of Webhosting: Bluehost”.

Like I said, this will be a series of set articles intended for those who are looking for a webhosting solution. I hope you can make your decision based on these articles. I just started out with Bluehost and now we will talk about Media Temple.

theprosandconsofwebhostingmediatemple The Pros and Cons of Webhosting: Media Temple (mt) Media Temple – Web Hosting Built to Scale.

Media Temple has been my home ever since I left Bluehost.

I have known Media Temple or (mt) long time ago. Those days were the start of my blogging days. For a price of $20 a month, I said to myself I can’t afford it. $20 is just too much for me specially I’m just starting to blog and I don’t know where will this blogging thing will lead me. But 1 and half years later, I’m now hosted here in mt and paying $100 a month. Crazy isn’t?

So why did I chose to pay $100 a month as compared to those who are paying $20 a month? Let’s first compare what package do they have.

The Grid Service (gs) – $20 a month.

(gs) is a cluster-based, modern hosting service powered by hundreds of servers working in tandem to power your websites, applications and email with unrivaled power, burstability and reliability.

In layman’s term, your website is not seated in one server alone though there could also be a lot of website under one cluster, but it is supplemented by hundreds of server working hand in hand. Unlike in Bluehost, you’re sharing you’re resources in one server with hundreds of website. This plan is perfect for those websites that are looking for a much better reliability at times of surging traffic and to those who are moving away from shared hosting service. The Grid Service (gs) offers:

  • 100 GBs of premium storage
  • 1 TB of short-path bandwidth
  • 100 unique sites / alternate domains
  • 1,000 GPUs
  • 100 databases
  • 1,000 email addresses

The Dedicated Virtual (dv) Rage – $100 a month.

This is a VPS. To know more about VPS, visit the wiki page here.

Their Dedicated Virtual plan has 3 available packages. The dv Base, dv Rage and dv Extreme priced at $50, $100, and $150 respectively. I initially started on a dv Base, though the grid service looks ideal and fitting to me at that time, I just said to myself that I’ll probably upgrade soon anyway so why not start with VPS. And true enough, the dv Base package didn’t last that long. My site’s demand was too heavy that I need another upgrade. I first started with a memory upgrade and then later decide to move to dv Rage. The Dedicated Virtual (dv) Rage offers:

  • 40 GB of Premium Storage
  • 1.5 TB of Network Transfer

So you see the picture now why did I chose to have the dv Rage? Not yet? We’ll it’s simply because my sites are growing and the resources they need is what VPS offers. As a matter of fact, I am seeing another upgrade not too soon and moving to dv Extreme will probably be the next step.

Media Temple’s Good Side: The Pro’s.

  • Trusted by world’s leading company. Sony, Toyota, Warner Bros etc.
  • I haven’t had any downtime since I transferred my site last November 2008. So uptime for me is 100%.
  • They are not over selling their resources to gain more clients.
  • KnowledgeBase articles are extremely helpful.

Media Temple’s Bad Side: The Con’s.

  • No chat support. Meaning you have to go through the usual process of sending email and wait for their answer. Average time of response is at least 2-3 hours. Not good, really.
  • The Plesk control panel of dv is totally not for newbie. I must say that I almost turned down media temple because of this.
  • Plans and packages are a bit pricey. There are also other hosting company that offers less though I can’t guarantee yet how reliable they are.

So what’s my final word? Media Temple is your hosting solution IF you are a webmaster who wants to get out of shared hosting environment and wants to have a much better reliability. And Media Temple is not for you if you are too much particular about the budget that you allocate each month for your website. Media Temple may not be the best option too for starters.

But gauging from my experience with Media Temple, I recommend them 100%. The Pro’s I listed are just enough reason to trust mt. Period.

To know more about Media Temple, visit http://www.mediatemple.net.