theprosandconsofwebhostinghostpapa The Pros and Cons of Webhosting: HostPapa HostPapa – Green Wenhosting Company Powered by 100% Green Energy

HostPapa webhosting has been around for quite sometime and they claimed to be the a 100% Green Webhosting. HostPapa offers a very affordable monthly price of $4.95 (for a three year plan) and it also includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, unlimited domains and FREE domain for life!

HostPapa is a privately-owned company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

At HostPapa, they consider every one of their customers to be a part of their family. That’s why their motto is "Let Papa take care of you".

HostPapa’s Good Side: The Pros.

  • Online chat support. Again, it’s a must for blog starters.
  • Green Energy. By signing-up with HostPapa you’re also helping our environment. They utilize renewable energy such as wind and solar power.
  • Step by Step Video tutorials. Another newbie feature.
  • Cpanel. The control panel for beginners.
  • FREE domain for life!

HostPapa’s Bad Side: The Cons.

  • There has been numerous user reports about reliability. So I would say uptime is below 99% contrary on what they are saying.

HostPapa is an excellent hosting provider for small to medium sized businesses. Their hosting solution is reliable and secure but does not skimp on function and power. Customers can also depend on reliable hosting solutions as well as great customer service throughout the life of their hosting plan.

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