This will be a series of set articles intended for those who are looking for a web hosting company. As the name implies, this post will have info on what’s good and bad about this webhost company and what other things you should consider when picking your webhost.

We will  start of with Bluehost.

bh 100x100 03 The Pros and Cons of Webhosting: Bluehost Bluehost – Afforable. Reliable. Web Hosting Solutions.

This is actually my second web hosting company. Bluehost is in a shared hosting, meaning in one server, there could be hundreds of website sharing the same resources.

I have had some good experience with Bluehost when I first started out but it didn’t last long. Bluehost suspended my account before and later on they terminated my contract because of overloading the mysql databases on a consistent basis. At first, I am in denial. I couldn’t believe that my blog is eating up too much resources. But after looking on how things panned out in the past, I realized that my websites are growing and Bluehost cannot anymore serve my demand in a shared hosting. They have returned some credits in my account since I wasn’t able to complete my one year contract and gave me some time to move all of my files to a new web host. So what’s good about Bluehost and why you should or should not pick Bluehost as your first webhost?

Bluehost Pros’s: The good side.

  • Support, chat support is great specially at times of trouble. No more waiting for a support email that could take for days.
  • Pricing. At $95.4 per year, I think it is a good bargain considering all the features that they offer. Unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage.
  • Cpanel interface. This is a must for those newbies. I would say that cPanel is the most flexible and easiest way to setup your site. Trust me.
  • Uptime: 99.5%

Bluehost Con’s: The Bad Side.

  • Though they say unlimited for most of their features, in reality you’re still allotted a particular amount of resource since you are in a shared hosting. This is true for almost every webhosting companies today.
  • They seemed to be too fast on suspending one’s account once they hit the limit.
  • Not suitable for fast growing blog or website.

So what’s my final word? For starters, sign-up for Bluehost. Support is what you need always at first. Their support is by far the best in the field. Take a look on how many awards they have received for the past years. I am not saying this because that is what other people are saying but simply because I have experienced it first hand.

But for those who have established websites already don’t take your chances anymore. You will only waste your time of talking and chatting to their representatives. A shared hosting is a shared hosting. After all, the main reason why you’re probably moving is because your previous web host cannot anymore handle your website’s demand. So what’s next for you? Let’s talk about VPS in my next post and my recommended web hosting company.

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