Note: Transferring your blog to dreamhost needs to have a least 4-5 hours before you can start moving your database. This is for their DNS propagation for the domain which I will explain later on, so make sure you have a couple of hours to spare.

How to Transfer your WordPress blog to Dreamhost using dreamhosters subdomain:

  1. First, get an account with dreamhost. Sign-up here.
  2. As soon as you have your account activated, login to dreamhost control panel.
  3. On the left side of your control panel, click on Manage Domains and then click on Add New Domain.
  4. Add your website, and fill up all the necessary information for your website. Such as WWW or non-www, User, Files and Paths etc… and then click the button that says Fully Host this Domain.
  5. At this point we will be adding a dreamhosters account. This is what dreamhost uses instead of an IP address for your site. That’s why we need at least 4-5 hours for DNS propagation. Crazy isn’t? Anyway…
  6. Once again click on Manage Domains but this time scroll down until you find the Mirrored field.
  7. Under Create a mirror at: I suggest to use your own domain for dreamhsoters. E.g. and on the Mirror this site field choose your own domain you setup a while ago and then click on Mirror this domain.
  8. Now let’s create the Database. On the left side of your dreamhost control panel under Toolbox, locate MySQL databases. Scroll all the way to the bottom till you find Create a new MySQL database.
  9. Database name can be anything you want but under use hostname field, choose create a new hostname. I suggest to use  Finally create a user for that SQL and click the Add new database now.
  10. You can then proceed by moving your files via ftp to sae time while waiting for the propagation. Just edit the wp-config.php to the values we set a while ago under MySQL.
  11. After 5 hours, whew. You can now access mysql, and log in using the SQL user you created. From there, you can now import your own wordpress database.
  12. Check your site by going to If your site shows up then it’s about time to flip the switch of your name servers.

That’s all. Hope this help you transfer your wordpress blog to dreamhost.