worldofwarcraftultimatedominationguide World of Warcraft Ultimate Domination Guide World of Warcraft gamers, this is for you. I have discovered a secret guide wherein you can actually earn millions of gold, power leveling from 1-80 and dominating in PVP in WOW. We can show you how quickly and easily level your character even if you have only started playing WoW today. 

My friend is a huge fanatic of WoW. He has 2 level 80 characters and the total play time he made for the last three years was 7680 hours. That’s approximately 7 hours a day. Experience wise? I think he has all that.

I remembered when he first started playing WoW he was so overwhelmed with the amount of detail and features in World of Warcraft. It took him forever to figure out on how to complete each quest and he desperately wanted to reach the highest level and he also needed to earn a ton of gold to gear up his characters.

This is most likely the scenario of each and every gamer of WoW. Sounds frustrating right? I have tried it before too and I almost ended quitting my WoW game. Luckily Dave, suggested to try his WoW Domination guide and you know what happened? Geez, words are not enough to describe what I felt but I did say “THIS IS THE BEST DAMN GAME EVER CREATED”. Thanks to Dave!

Watch this video about WoW’s leveling guide


I suggest to read World of Warcraft Ultimate Domination Guide. This by far is the best system I have followed that truly works. It helped me and I don’t see any reason why it won’t work to you. Have fun playing!