Last December 31, 2010 was the last day for Ferrari Virtual Academy and I ended up at number 206 on the Fiorano Track out of  636 participants. The Mugello Track and Nurburgring was nothing special too. Both tracks proved to be too demanding and I can’t barely get the balance in the car. I felt that time that If I managed to break the 57 second lap time in Fiorano, those two track will be a lot easier. Unfortunately, after 1000+ laps the best that I can do was 58.845 and I didn’t push myself anymore to improve my numbers on both track.

You can see the Fiorano Stats here:

It was a fun experience. It was also the first time I paid for an online game and even bought a Logitech G27 Racing Wheel and a video card (ATI RADEON HD5500) just for this game.

Next FVA season, I’ll be more than ready and I hope to challenge the top 25 players on each track and If there is an opportunity to win it, I will not hesitate to grab it. Watch out Jon Tanko! icon smile MY FVA Experience