howtoplayfacebookmafiawars1 How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars? Ever since I joined Facebook, the most common invitation that I always get was an invite to play Mafia Wars. If I remembered it correctly my Mafia Wars invite went as high as 170+ and just recently I turned down a handful of them. It tickles my mind on why the heck they are so hook with this online game. Is this also the main reason why Facebook is so popular all over the world? Hmm, I’ll try to find it out later but for the meantime and also for my own reference just in case I get an invite once again, I have posted a How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars games via eHow. New Mafia War players, check this out…

How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars?

  • Add the Application. If you don’t have a Facebook account, get one. Then search for "Mafia Wars" and add the application. You’ll start out with $3000 cash, good health and energy, but no experience.

  • Get Experience. You will do jobs like jumping Big Tony’s henchman, which will cost you energy but earn you cash and experience.

  • Choose a Character. You will choose whether to be a money mogul or an action type mafia member, and you will have an option to buy property (like a Deli) to run your mafia operation out of.

  • Build Family. The application will tell you which of your Facebook friends are already playing Mafia Wars, and you can add them to your mafia family.

  • Have Fun! Your new virtual mafia will be a fun chance to fight bad guys, defend your family, buy guns and property, and generally do wacky things you don’t get to do in the real world. So enjoy it!

  • Would you play Mafia Wars? or would you like to hack a Facebook profile instead? You choose.