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October 6, 2007 is the day when most of us Filipinos will be glued on TV once again as we watch our beloved Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao go up in the boxing ring against the Mexican Marco Antonio Barrera for their re-match..

I bet that some of you guys are planning to see it live on malls, on pay-per-views, on our local channels (which has tons of commercials) or probably hearing over the radio. I’ve been a follower of Pacquiao ever since and watching his fight live on screen is a fantastic experience even if the ticket is a little bit pricey.

But did you know that through the help of internet and softwares called P2P, you can watch the fight LIVE! Yes, that is true! I have been lucky before to see Manny’s fight versus Erik Morales over the internet without spending a dime.

Thanks to Sopcast and pay no more. All you need is a broadband connection and a mirror link that broadcasts the fight in the U.S. and you’re done. So sit back, relax and go get some popcorn or should I say beer, hahaha and watch it live on your PC.

Ooops if in any case that you will have trouble looking for a link on the server then I suggest to subscribe to my feeds or via e-mail and I will give you mirror links of the fight, hurry up. It will be on a first-subscribe-first-serve basis. What are you waiting for? subscribe now!

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