Gmail Drive and Gspace are just two useful applications that can turn your Gmail account into a free online storage. But what’s the difference between the two?

Gmail Drive and Gspace

Gmail Drive is an application that will be integrated to your windows explorer. It acts like just another regular hard drive on your PC. If you’re used to navigating, transferring and browsing your file through windows explorer then Gmail Drive can be a handy tool for you. All you need to do is to click on the Gmail Drive icon, login to your gmail account and start using it as an online storage. You can even specify to automatically log you in. Files that will be placed on your Gmail Drive will be a regular e-mail having an attachment when you open up your Gmail account.

 Turn Your Gmail Account into Free Online File Storage

As for Gspace, it is a plugin for Firefox browser and the interface resembles the look of FireFTP. There are two advantages of Gspace compared to Gmail Drive. First, it can be use in other OS platform like Linux and Mac provided that Firefox is installed. Secondly, stored photos and music files can be easily played within Gspace. No external application is needed.