I was able to download a copy of the unofficial release of firefox version 3 however like what mozilla.org says, it is not yet stable and was mistakenly reported as an official release in Digg. Here’s an excerpt from mozilla’s website:

(Hi! You may have been redirected here while looking for the Firefox 3 Beta. We’re sad to say that it’s not actually ready yet, but we’re awfully happy that you stopped by. Read on for more details!)

At around 4am PST today, the last of the Firefox 3 Beta 1 release candidate builds appeared on our public FTP. This was mistakenly reported on Digg as the official release of the first Firefox 3 Beta. It’s extremely flattering to get this sort of attention, and we know that it’s motivated by the very best of intentions, but it does cause us three major problems:

  1. The release candidate builds have not been thoroughly tested by our QA group,
  2. we haven’t completed all the steps required for a beta release (see below), and
  3. these builds aren’t being mirrored properly on our servers.

If you want to be a beta tester, feel free to download the file but use it with caution. Don’t install the firefox version 3.0b rc1 on it’s default directory as it may override some of the add-ons and plugins that you have on your stable version.