Simply irresistible. This is what I felt when I got the chance to work with a macintosh computer. This pricey piece of machine looks really cool on it’s milky color and an eye-catching well rounded rear part of the display adds to it’s pleasing appeal. When you start it up you will notice the icons located at the bottom, Apple call this the DOCK. That is one feature of MAC that I really love the most, especially if you hover your mouse cursor over it, you will see how beautiful the animation of the icons go. Since then I constantly search for a program that will make my boring desktop to look like a MAC.

My prayers were answered when Chris Kite, the developer of Flyakite OS X releases it’s software for free, yes you heard it right it’s for FREE. Flyakite OS X is a transformation pack for computer running Windows XP, the software will resemble the looks of a Mac OS X environment on your PC. Installation is a breeze, it will only take a minute or two to finish the entire setup process. This is a pretty much better alternative since I don’t have the dough to spare to buy a MAC. With the help of this amazing freebie, experiencing Mac OS X is within my reach. Hope you like it as well.