Remember the times when we used to install accelerator softwares to enhance our browsing experience in a dial-up connection? I did that before and I used a couple of programs like webcelerator, and it did a fair improvement when loading up a page. Now that broadband connection is almost everywhere, specifically here in the Philippines (thanks to Smart Bro), those accelerator programs became extinct and was never used again.

But Google launched its own version of the accelerator and reinvented the program to make it available for broadband connections. The principle remains the same with the exception of some key features such as to accelerate or not to accelerate a certain website and performance data. See the FAQ page for more information.

How does it work?

Google Web Accelerator uses various strategies to make your web pages load faster, including:

  • Sending your page requests through Google machines dedicated to handling Google Web Accelerator traffic.
  • Storing copies of frequently looked at pages to make them quickly accessible.
  • Downloading only the updates if a web page has changed slightly since you last viewed it.
  • Prefetching certain pages onto your computer in advance.
  • Managing your Internet connection to reduce delays.
  • Compressing data before sending it to your computer

In just a few days of using the Google Web Accelerator coupled with the tweaks that I did previously to increase additional bandwidth in windows xp and how to make firefox load pages much faster, I can say that overall performance improves a LOT weather if it’s for downloading or surfing. Google’s accelerator is highly recommendable, one of their best softwares ever.