It’s Vista’s Birthday! Belated Happy Birthday Microsoft Vista.

It was January 30, 2007 last year when Microsoft Vista was made available to the public and even though it brought some criticism prior to it’s initial release, it still sold 100 million plus copies to date. Though I’m still not using Vista and not planning to use one, I will still give them a big thumbs up for overcoming a troubled year and I hope that they will do some major updates to make it a lot better to end-user.

Also another cool news from Microsoft. Just got an email from the Windows Live Team that their services are now readily available including Windows Live Writer. The writer will compliment most bloggers because it provides a better way to design a post thus making the blog much livelier. It is available free for download and can be easily use to integrate to common publishing software like WordPress. Other services include an event organizer, photo gallery and Live search. To know more about Windows Live, go here.

As soon as I have my DSL connection back (it has been down for 2 weeks already because of a stolen cable in our area), I’ll try the Windows Live Writer and will post my experience using it through WordPress.