There are times that whenever I view my site, I feel bored, tired and sometimes irritated. I know, I’m used to it. It’s my everyday page in firefox. I have this feeling of a need for change. The need for colors, interactions or games. There’s always an itch to change my wordpress theme or perhaps placing some image ads just to suppress my site fatigue. But none of those were the solution that I am looking for and honestly, It somehow affects my sustainability to post fresh contents on this blog. I just hope that things will change with the help of this google gagets.

Google gadget is just one of the big G’s resources to improve your site’s functionality, making your site interesting and useful to your visitors. There are a lot to choose from, ranging from various categories such as News, Tools, Communication, Fun and Games, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle and Technology. What I like most is the mp3 player, you can see it in action in my sidebar. Now I can play the mp3′s that I have on my pc to my site and sharing it as well to my visitors. Cool isn’t? (need to edit the play list later, I’m writing this post while I’m in the office shhhhh!) Now I’m thinking about to have a post every week to feature my google gadget for the day. hmmm, we’ll see about it. To learn more about google gadgets, click here.

Here are some of the examples of what they have.