Enough of those P2P softwares. Wuzam.com is a mp3 search engine that lets you download the music file directly from the search results for FREE! The beauty of having to download the mp3 file directly from the source itself is the ability to use a download manager to get the file and resume if the download link got disconnected. You can also do that on a P2P software but it consume a lot of time looking for seeds to resume downloading. Spy wares are also a common issue when using P2P.

As for the copyright issue, I assume that wuzam.com will just rely on the site that host the mp3 file. It is just an ordinary search engine looking for mp3 files on the net. One more, aside from downloading the file, you can also embed the mp3 on your website. Just click on the play icon the get the script.

Visit: http://www.wuzam.com and start downloading.