Managing an internet shop is a very tedious job specially if you don’t have the technical knowhow on troubleshooting PC’s. We have been running our Internet Cafe for almost a year now and so far I don’t have much of a problem on maintaining all 12 PC’s. What’s the secret? I have this partner. I am using this Think!Cafe (Free Internet Cafe Management Software) and it really does it job and works perfectly on all PC’s.

Think!Cafe is a free solution for managing you internet cafe business. Our software provides you with all functions to control workstations, manage customer database, sell other products aside from internet service, and generate detailed report. Think!Cafe is consist of two (2) applications:

thinkcafethumbsmall Free Internet Cafe Software

Think!Cafe Server – Program that installed in sales desk to control all workstation

Think!Cafe Client - Small program installed in workstation that provides rental information to your customers.


Point-of-Sale System
Think!Cafe is equipped with a Point-of-Sale system that was designed for internet cafe business. Aside for normal usage charges you can also sell various items such as foods, school supplies and etc.

Employee Tracking
Think!Cafe contains many employee security feature. Employees must login with a unique Username and Password which allows all transactions to be tracked and logged. Some features of Think!Cafe Server are limited to users with admin rights. This allows you employee to have control over only the options you wish. Track & report your employee’s time with our built in timeclock

Client Security

Block unauthorized used
Customer can only access the workstations from Logging into server or using prepaid cyber cards

Block Drive Access
Choose to block any drive letter between A: and Z:

Block Internet Explorer Functions
Block any Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 feature including: Homepage, options and etc.

Disable Hotkeys
Block the use of Windows Hotkeys

Disable Control Panel
Block access to the Windows Control Panel

Flexible Payment Mode
Play & Pay Pricing Mode (Pay after session)
Prepaid Using Cyber Cards

Reporting & Logs
Generate and print reports on the sales activities of the cafe. Use the dozens of filter to generate the exact report the cafe needs.

Reporting Periods
Think!Cafe allows the admin to generate report from several reporting periods including: Day, Month, Year or between specific dates or times.

Online Web Access Reports (OWA)
Owners or administrators can view their sales thru web

Think!Cafe keeps a log of all transactions and Client actions in the cafe. Each employee action is logged in an easy to find manner.


Easily Adjust Client Security and Settings
All Think!Cafe Client settings and security are set from the Think!Cafe Server. This allows all the computers to be adjusted very quickly.

Auto-Connect Think!Cafe Client Computers
Think!Cafe Client will scan the network to find the specified Think!Cafe Server making the connection as simple as possible.

Clean and Compact Your Database
Think!Cafe has a built-in utility to quickly Purge and Compact your database.

Shutdown All Computers
At close, you can shutdown all computers from the Think!Cafe Server with the click of a button. Individual computers can also be shutdown from the Think!Cafe Server.

Reboot All Computers
You can reboot all computers from the Think!Cafe Server with the click of a button. Individual computers can also be rebooted from the Think!Cafe Server.

End Session from the Think!Cafe Server

If a customer has forgotten to ‘End Session’ before paying, the employee can end the session from the Think!Cafe Server.