Introducing GizmoCall. A web based application that makes VoIP calls on your browser possible. All you need to do is visit and you will be prompted to download a required 1MB flash plugin that will activate both speakers and microphone of your computer.

Non-registered members will have a free 5 minute phone call to any landline and mobile number in almost any part of the globe. Just register and you will automatically get 10 minutes of free calls per day!

Aside from landline and mobile phones, you can also call Gizmo Project, Windows Live and Google Talk users at no cost. You can also dial any Nokia n80i wifi phone user by calling their Gizmo ID. International calls like a 1-800 numbers are FREE as well.

Here are some of the requirements:

Adobe Flash 9 Player
Microphones and Speakers
Dial-up or Broadband Connections (I recommend having broadband)
Browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Camino

Check it out now! and get a free personalized “CALL ME” links.

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