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CONGRATULATIONS MANNY PACQUIAO! WINNER BY SPLIT DECISION. You are truly the People’s Champion. Mabuhay ang Pambansang Kamao!

You must install SOPcast or TVU player. To know more about SOPcast click here. Channels will be posted by 9AM (manila time), so make sure you have sopcast installed.

pacquiaovsmarquezII Watch Pacquiao VS Marquez II LIVE! for FREE?This time it’s Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Manuel Marquez II tagged as the boxing event’s “Unfinished Business”. The Rematch !

Mark your calendar this March 16, 2008 (Manila Time) as Manny Pacquiao will showcase it’s strength and power against Mexican Foe Juan Manuel Marquez. This is one event that most of us Filipinos will definitely look forward to, Again.

And as per experience, still a lot of Filipinos tend to to look for alternative ways of watching the fight aside from Malls, Satellite and Cable TV’s and the internet is their best choice as it was proven before that it can be viewed for free. Last October 2007, this site offered some other ways of making the fight available in front of their PC. But due to sudden surge of traffic in that particular day, the channels were not posted here on time. To make the story short, this site crashed.

This time, no gimmicks, no subscription or strings attached.

I have setup a blog dedicated ONLY for the said fight. I will be updating the site as often as I can as the fight nears (I think we only have 10 days left). And the channels that I used before to watch Manny’s fight on the PC will be posted as well 1 hour before the fight. Why 1 hour? Well I just have to make sure that all the necessary resources will be available and ready for public viewing. I might consider having my own stream if all channels are full. Go Manny! Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy!

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