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Wow! I can’t believe it.

As of this writing, the post Watch Pacquiao VS Barrera II LIVE! for FREE? last September 18, 2007 has reached 390 views and currently running at top 6 of my MOST VIEWED posts, also the number of my e-mail subscriptions has sky-rocketed in just 4 days. Isn’t that amazing? I am looking at my stats right now and the numbers are still piling up. Now I wonder when it will stop?

icon biggrin Pacquiao VS Barrera II Update

Anyway, just an update guys. I am now closing the e-mail subscription for the mirror link of the fight Pacquiao-Barerra II. I feel that the number of subscribers are enough for the feed. For those who subscribe, you will receive an exclusive email from me 1 hour before the fight containing the links, I have the list already. It will not pass through the feedburner subscription. So better check your e-mail on the day of fight!

Friendly reminders:

  1. I’ll assume that you already know how to install and run Sopcast. If you still have questions, just drop me a comment.
  2. For better streaming, a broadband connection of at least 384kbps is required. A slower connection can lead to disconnection from the server or you might get offline messages.
  3. Check your e-mails regularly as I may include updates and notifications before the fight.

I understand that I may still have future subscriptions requesting for feed as the bout nears, that’s not a problem. I know that 80 million Filipinos will be cheering for Pacquiao and 40 feeds are not enough. To address this issue, I’ll open another list of subscribers, but this time they will be given less priority as I already have the complete rosters of the first subscribers. Hurry up! I don’t know when to make the cut, but as long as I can come up with a good numbers of mirror link then we will see if they can still handle it. I can’t promise anything yet but like what I have said, just subscribe and you will be updated. As an alternative for those people who will not make the cut, you can also subscribe via RSS feed as it may include up to the minute actions. That’s all for now! Happy surfing! Mabuhay ka Manny! Mabuhay and sambayanang pilipino!

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