misscaliforniacarrieprejeansprivatepicturesspottedontheinternet1 Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Private Pictures Spotted on the Internet Rihanna has her own private pictures, Cassie Ventura joined the bandwagon too and now It’s Miss California’s Carrie Prejean’s turn to show off.

There has been numerous pictures already that are scattered on the internet about Miss California’s Private Pictures but Carrie explained that the pictures are just made because she is modeling for a lingerie.

Perez Hilton commented on his blog by saying “Is this biblically correct?” Obviously feeling insulted about Miss California’s stand about gay marriage during the pageant night. And according to him, there will be more private pictures of Miss California’s Carrie Prejean that will surely hit the internet soon.

Click on this link to view Miss California’s Carrie Prejean Private Picture.