iphone lye POLL: Apples iPhone, buy to hack?

Many of us by now already knew that Apple’s iPhone, which is exclusively being distributed by AT&T got hacked by a 17 year old American student in the name of George Hotz. Much has been said about the iPhone, it’s revolutionary design, stylish look and ravishing appeal are the primary reasons why people like Mr. Hotz decided to manipulate and steal the distributorship from AT&T. You can’t blame the teen from doing this, I believe he just want it to be used on his preferred network like most of us are dreaming.With these, now that the iPhone can be use on our preferred network. Would you go with the hype of buying iPhone and follow Mr. Hotz way of unlocking it? or you will rather wait for Apple to release a full pledge, open-line version of the iPhone? Poll in your answers.