Say what?

You know there is a little competition between John Chow and Shoemoney about RSS subscriptions. Base on their current feed standings, whoever gets the most number of new subscription at the end of the month wins the race. The loser needs to link back the winner on his blog and tell his readers how he was beaten.

I admit, I am a Chow fan. Some of the tips I employ on my personal site came from him. His E-book about making money online, is a very good read if you want to start monetizing your site.

Mr. Chow used several tactics and strategies just to win the competition in which I believe is a very good move, Shoe did not.

Having games/contest to bring entertainment to his readers has always been a good factor of Mr. Chow. I don’t know why shoe is not so keen on promoting their competition on his site. I personally think that he wants to prove something out of this. Hmmm

Anyway, since I am a big follower of John Chow. Do you think that there is a way that I can share/hand my feeds to John Chow? icon biggrin I WANT JOHN CHOW TO WIN hehehe

C’mon help John Chow win by subscribing to his RSS feeds and mine too.

Good luck Mr. Chow!