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How to: Use Gmail for your Domained E-mail

What the hell am I talking about? Honestly, I don’t know the right word to say hehe. But what I mean is, we used to have our own domained e-mail right? Like for example admin[at]nusingcrib[dot]com (our e-mail in our website). It is used to be hosted in your web hosting account right? I didn’t setup my domained e-mail (if that is the right term) before because of spams. Yeah, we all know how troublesome a spam mail is and if you’re hosting account is very limited then it could mean a big trouble.

One thing I came across is this Google Apps. It was only yesterday that I found out that Gmail can actually host your own domained e-mail. We’ll that’s good news!

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Head to Blogger for a Sudden Surge of Traffic

This blog first experienced a major downtime last October 6, 2007 when my post about the fight between Pacquiao and Barrera II consistently hits the first page of the search engines. It even resulted to a 3 day suspension of my account. At that time, I was completely clueless and I really don’t know what my next steps should be. But thanks to, the community behind it make several suggestions on how to deal with it. Thanks a lot!

This time, I wasn’t expecting too much traffic anymore since I made the post about Pacquiao and Marquez II just 10 days before the fight and I didn’t make any optimization at all fearing that the same incident might happen. The traffic went steadily for at least 800-900 page views a day until March 15, 2007. But on the D-day itself, the traffic went berserk. I noticed that the page is loading very very sloooow that I have to act quickly to salvage this blog. I was so fortunate that I was able to learn the re-direction method using .htaccess courtesy of (Jonathan from and make a blogger site dedicated only for the Pacquiao-Marquez fight. And the rest was money, I mean history.

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How to View High Resolution Videos in Youtube

Sometimes you simply want to have a better resolution for the Youtube videos that you’re watching right? But by default, it is only streamed at 320 X 240.

Thanks to Quick Online Tips, watching a high resolution video is now possible in Youtube. Here’s how:

You just simply add &fmt=6 for a 448 x 336 and &fmt=18 for 480 x 360 resolutions at the end of each youtube url on the address box.

Examples: – 448 X 336 resolutions – 480 x 360 resolutions

Note: If no changes has been made, it means that youtube hasn’t been able to convert the video yet.