Tube Wars: Utube versus Youtube

utube Tube Wars: Utube versus Have you heard of that website? You might be thinking that it is the video sharing website wherein you can “broadcast yourself“. But nope, it is not. basically is a company, which sells used machinery for making tubes to clients worldwide which is owned by Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Corporation. The domain was then first registered way back 1996.

So what’s the big deal about Utube and Youtube?

Well basically, I’ve been curious about this when a fellow blogger Marhgil talked about this Utube keyword. I decided to make a little investigation about this and here is what I found out.

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Hannah Montana MP3 Ringtones FREE DOWNLOAD

Looking for Hannah Montana MP3 Ringtones? You just came to the right place. I recently compiled a handful of MP3 ringtones from the famous Disney showHannah Montana“. From time to time I will update this post to add new ringtone releases of Hannah Montana, so make sure that you are either subscribed to my feeds or via e-mail to keep you updated. For the meantime, enjoy downloading and make sure you have the appropriate data cable for your cellphone!

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NLE December 2007 Results in

The December 2007 Nursing Licensure Examination is all but over and we are all hoping that the scandal brought by last years June 2006 NLE will not be repeated this time. Now that Christmas time is just around the corner, nursing students who took the NLE last December 1 and 2 2007 are all praying that Santa will give them a passing result as an early Christmas gift.

The results for the Nursing Board Exam of December 2007 will be posted on my sister website As an alternative, we can also deliver the Nursing Board Exam Results straight in your inbox. Just type in your e-mail address below, check your e-mail and click on the activation link.

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