September 2007 BAR Exam Results, Top 10

Exam Type: Bar Examination
Exam Date: September 9, 2, 16 and 23, 2007
Test Center(s): De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila
Exam Provider: Supreme Court of the Philippines
Number of Total Examinees: 5,626
Successful Examinees: 1,289
Passing Rate: 22.91%

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PBB Teen Edition Plus Winner could be from Davao

Hmmm It looks like Davao has a PBB Teen Edition Plus winner already. Out of the 14 House mates, 3 of them are from Davao City. Here they are:

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Googel & Googol

A little trivia about this keyword “Googel“.

Googel Googel & GoogolGoogel is often misspelled by people who are trying to pull-up the mighty search engine Google. It can also mean a character from the famous kids show Sesame Street, Googel (see picture) or the number Googol.


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