Happy Birthday Tarte!

happy birthday Happy Birthday Tarte!

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The Best Pinoy Recipe Websites Revealed

Two of the best pinoy recipe websites that are slowly gaining pupularity are La Kusina and My Foodaholic. Both websites has been online since January of 2009. La Kusina is, I’m proud to say, my sister’s website and My Foodaholic belongs to my wife’s cousin. Their passion to cook brought them to the online world and shared their most treasured secrets about cooking.

lakusina thumb The Best Pinoy Recipe Websites Revealed La Kusina

La kusina offers a wide range of food recipe including home made recipe and foreign recipe. But it’s specialty belongs to our native tongue, Pinoy foods. Just by merely browsing through the site, you’ll be able to gain knowledge about cooking and what other things you need to know in the kitchen.

myfoodaholic thumb The Best Pinoy Recipe Websites Revealed My Foodaholic

As the names implies, it is all about food addiction. But don’t get me wrong here, they are not fatso’s. It’s just that they love to eat and they love to share. The secrets of good tasting food can be found here including recipes of well known restaurants in our country. If you want to serve the best food at home, My Fooaholic will be your companion online.

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Learn Effective Dieting from The CHIEF

This is my very first attempt on affiliate marketing. The website, Chief will promote diet supplements and other related health products.

It has been a month old and I don’t have any idea on how far will this go. I have not made a sale yet because I am still trying to figure out which would be the best converting keyword for the site. Initially, I have set it up to use Weight Lost! but it appears to be found nowhere on the SERPS so I revert it back to it’s original name Chief Dietician.

Are there any bloggers out there that do the same thing like Chief Dietician does? Care to exchange links? icon biggrin Learn Effective Dieting from The CHIEF