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Text Link Revolution

tnxlogo Text Link RevolutionFacts and a brief on what (‘tnx’ pronounced as ‘thanks’) is all about.

  • is a service that allows webmasters and advertisers buy and sell text link.
  •’s network has 40,642 users.
  •’s database has 33,500,000 pages.
  • has sold 31,100,987 text link ads.
  •’s has a daily growth of +0.24% according to Alexa.
  • is free to try. Certain conditions apply for website publishers.
  • offers an affiliate program that let’s you earn 13.3% lifetime commission.
  • is giving away FREE POINTS to buy links from 5,000 websites.

Buying and selling links are still a hot issue in the blog-o-sphere. You have seen Websites that are being penalized because of selling raw links and that were stripped off from the SERP’s causing to loose traffic and money. With these recent punishment development why do you think is still boasting their service as an essential tool for both publisher and advertiser?

The answer is simple. is all aware of the situation and amidst all those adversities, they managed to revolutionize the way of text link ads from being delivered while getting out of the G-radar. So if you may ask, what does can actually do for you?

As a Publisher

Sell links. Not only in your main page but to all of your pages even if it does not have a PR (page rank). It allows you to sell up to four links in every page and the price of the link will depend on the page rank of each pages.

Compare to TLA’s 50% cut from every transaction, will just get 12.5% of your profit thus giving you the opportunity to earn more. Their income calculator is a very good tool in determining the cost of the links.

As an Advertiser

Traffic. It will boost your site rankings from search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can buy 10,000 static links for only $11 a month. As a matter of fact, you can use the FREE MONEY to try it out. As a bonus, you can also get a free link generator that will make paid links look very natural.

All in all, I like their concept. From the point system, support group and the money making scheme. It is a complete service out-of-the-box. You all have the necessary tools for both publisher and advertiser to make a successful venture online. This is definitely worth trying.

Feed your feeds: Bidvertiser Feed Ads

Happy New Year! Hello 2008 and hello everybody. 2007 has been a great year and we are looking forward for a better year in 2008. So what’s up? what’s up? Ok time to get back to work. After being away for almost 2 weeks due to long holidays, I believe most of us will be back online doing the same good old stuff, blogging. And to start a beautiful year for us bloggers and I know that you would like to talk about money hehe, So here’s one great news for you. Bidvertiser now offers a new way of monetization, it’s through feeds!

Feed ads or most commonly known as RSS ads of Bidvertiser are in public beta. If you’re running Bidvertiser in your site/blog, try to login and check if you have this option on your Bidvertiser center panel. It is a 3 step process and since it’s in beta do expect a little mess on your RSS.

The Steps

  1. Log in to your account and look for the RSS icon that has “Public Beta”.
  2. You will then be asked for your site and the feed URL, just go on and enter the necessary information. The Feed title works the same way as channels in google adsense.
  3. Confirm the ownership of the feed by making a post in your blog with the verification code that was generated by Bidvertiser.
  4. Get your feed widget. You can either have this RSS icon similar to what I have at the bottom or just a plain text. Take a look at the bottom and try to subscribe too. icon smile Feed your feeds: Bidvertiser Feed Ads

So isn’t it a great start for the year 2008? Just another opportunity to make money online. I wonder if John Chow knows this already. Hmmm. Anyway enjoy your day guys and happy new year once again!

subscribe small Feed your feeds: Bidvertiser Feed Ads