How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars?

howtoplayfacebookmafiawars1 How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars? Ever since I joined Facebook, the most common invitation that I always get was an invite to play Mafia Wars. If I remembered it correctly my Mafia Wars invite went as high as 170+ and just recently I turned down a handful of them. It tickles my mind on why the heck they are so hook with this online game. Is this also the main reason why Facebook is so popular all over the world? Hmm, I’ll try to find it out later but for the meantime and also for my own reference just in case I get an invite once again, I have posted a How to Play Facebook Mafia Wars games via eHow. New Mafia War players, check this out…

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Get a Grand Theft Auto IV DVD PC Game for only Php 140

I just read from Technograph that Maxim Magazine has bundled a licensed and legit copy of GTA IV in their May issue covering Geneva Cruz. According to Rico, he himself visited a MiniStop branch near their office and ask the cashier if it is indeed true that you can buy Maxim Magazine and own a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV: Chinatown Wars and the result?

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Need for Speed Undercover Cheats, Hints, Tips and Strategy

needforspeedundercovercheatshintstipsandstrategy1 Need for Speed Undercover Cheats, Hints, Tips and Strategy I’m done cheating GTA Chinatown wars and I’m also tired of playing DotA and WOW. This time we will cheat Need for speed Undercover, the last game I have downloaded from torrentz. Need for Speed Undercover is the best NFS game that I have ever played, the downside though is you need to have an ultra powerful computer to maximized the graphics and animation that was included on the game. If you love playing cars and racing game, then Need for Speed Undercover should be on your list.

Need for Speed Undercover Cheats

Enter the options menu, choose the "Secret Codes" selection, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The codes will only work once per profile. The bonus cars are only available in Quick Race mode.

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