Fixing Download Connection Problems through Wireless FiXP

Recently, I bought a Belkin Wireless USB G adapter to use for my desktop PC and to take advantage the wireless router provided by Globe Broadband to me. At first, regular browsing, surfing and downloading a couple of MP3 looks OK and I never had any connection problems at all. But when it’s time for me to download a 1080p movie from torrent sites, boom! I encounter frequent disconnects. I know that there are people out there having the same issue and I’m here to show you how to fix wireless connection problem using Wireless FiXP or through Wireless FiXP alternative.

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Best Transformer Movie High Quality Wallpapers

While we are waiting for the upcoming Transformers part 2: Revenge of the Fallen, I decided to look for some ultra cool wallpaper of Transformers and luckily I have found a handful of them. Most resolutions are in 1280 x 1024 pixels so I guess this won’ be a problem to those who has large LCD’s. Check all these wallpapers after the jump.

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Best Star Trek 2009 Movie High Quality Wallpapers

Star Trek 2009 movie is expected to break the box office records currently set by X-Men Origins: Wolverine last week. If you haven’t seen our Full HD Star Trek 2009 trailer, then I suggest to click on that link and take a look on what lies ahead of Star Trek 2009 movie. For the meantime, spice up your desktop PC with these 6 ultra cool Star Trek 2009 Movie Wallpapers.

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