Business Starter Tips

Go with the things you love. Treat it like your hobby. Every time, effort and energy will not go to waste if you really enjoy what you are doing. And be reminded that, successful businesses comes from good hobbies.

Even if you are employed, Start your Business Now. Having a business is not a your ordinary money maker that will shell out profits right away. Legit business requires a LOT of time to prosper, so why not consider learning the basics of business while at work.

Ask for Help. Let’s face it. We can’t do it all alone specially if we are doing 8-5 work in a day. Look for experienced business owners that can share you the do ‘s and don’t s of starting a business.

Make a list of clients/customers. Marketing can’t wait. If we can have a list of potential customer’s right away even before you start your business then you’re avoiding failure as well. Business won’t survive without them. Use the power of hype and networking to market your product. Make samples and get their opinion.

Research, Always. The coolest things are always the newest ones. Since you will be working with your hobby, why not use it to your advantage. Only you will know what will be the latest trends that may come out. Try to be recognized in your preferred industry.

Seek Professional Help. As your business grows, you will need an extra hand in taking care of your trade. I mean, don’t try to be an accountant if you’re not one or even make a contract if you’re not a lawyer. A lot of time will be wasted if you will do it on your own.

SAVE your Earnings. What? Don’t spend it right away. Starting up a small business is very susceptible to failure. Not all can surpass the 10 year mark without having a down fall. Saving the money you earned and re-investing it to another venture opens a lot of opportunities.

Be Professional and Trustworty. The most common mistake of an entrepreneur is not meeting their customers requirement on time. To build a healthy relationship, trust is always your key factor among your competitors. A business with repeat customers and orders equals to residual income; all made possible by just being a trust worthy and a professional person.

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The Php 15,000.00 Franchise

“WARNING: Don’t Even Think About Buying a Franchise Until You’ve Read This Report.. You Could Lose EVERYTHING Including Your Home!”

WITH P15,000, one could buy a 3G cell phone, an Italian handbag or even a painting — but a business franchise?

Charlie Melano, chief executive of Super Value Franchise Concept Inc., he tells people that with P15,000, one can get a business franchise, and he isn’t kidding when.

The franchise package, which Super Value Franchise calls “Pangkabuhayan” [Livelihood], includes a collapsible booth, a set of crew uniforms, a tarpaulin signage, P500 worth of product vouchers — and training of the franchisee on how to handle the franchise.

“We teach our franchisees how to operate their business hands-on,” Melano says in an interview. “They should know how to operate the business and when they have mastered the operation, they can get another franchise.”

Aside from the franchise fee, an additional investment of P5,000 to P15,000 is needed for equipment and P2,000 to P10,000 for the inventory.

There is also the lease or rental cost for the location the franchisee will choose for the business.

Melano recalls some comments he got when he told them about his latest venture.

“My friends asked me, ‘Charlie, why is this franchise cheap?’” he says. “Some also asked if it was a scam.”

Melano says the company’s primary goal is to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in fresh college graduates whose minds are set on employment, and in employees who want to augment their incomes, and even in the unemployed.

“We created a P15,000 package because we believe that we can help many people develop an entrepreneurial mindset,” he says.

“At the end of the day, you get to see how much you’ve earned”, Melano says. “With a P15,000 investment, you get to earn at least P2,000 a day, depending on the location — that’s something else.”

In 2000, Melano ventured into the pizza business Melano after nine years of working at Hotel Intercontinental in Riyadh, where he rose to become duty manager. He named it Pizzito Melano. He first sold pizza in Pasay City, near a bus terminal.

Today, Pizzito has over 400 branches nationwide, he says.

Melano observed that Filipinos in general are not the “risk-taker” type. He says some of today’s entrepreneurs “do not try to innovate or reinvent their products or brands.”

“This kind of business involves less risk because one has to make only a minimal investment,” he says. “Plus, this business is easy to operate and transfer when the business fails in a certain location.”

The business packages are mostly for food products, including shawarma, donuts, French fries, to fish balls, “chicharon” and “goto.”

“We initially offer food packages for franchising because the return of investment is high,” Melano says. “But we are still developing our nonfood products.”

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Free Training on Perfumery and Soaps

Attention: Please read Perfume 2 Riches

In my post How profitable is the dish washing liquid soap in the Philippines, generated a lot of queries both in forums and e-mail and I have tried my very best to answer all of them one by one. But as time goes by, the numbers are still climbing up. For those who e-mailed me recently, please accept my apology for not answering your concerns. This has been a very busy week for me including some fierce and harsh conversation with my ISP, (my connection is down for 2 days, ouch!) and just to ease up some of your questions, I have then decided to make a post out of it.

W-Rich Marketing Philippines

This is a by membership only offer, for as low as 225 pesos.

You will learn how to make the very salable products listed below from qualified W-RICH trainers, in a step by step procedure and actual demos. Then you can start making your own by using our do-it- yourself starter kit.


  1. Fabric Softener Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 14 liters. – PhP 795.00
  2. Perfume Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 200ml – PhP 595.00
  3. Perfume Set (Finished Product) Packed at 30ml x 5 bottles – Php 595.00
  4. Dish washing Liquid Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 12 liters – Php 395.00
  5. Fabric Softener (Finished Product) Softouch scent – Php 225.00

Purchase any of the do-it-yourself starter kits listed above will serve as your membership fee and entitles you for a discount on succeeding purchases. You can also earn through their points and referral system

Household Products Line:

  • Fabric Softener – OceanFresh, Softouch, FloralComfort Scents.
  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap – Strawberry, Greeanapple, Lemon, Calamansi Scents
  • All Purpose Detergent Powder – 3 variants

Perfumery Products:

Perfumes, Colognes – Their versions of: POLO Black for men, LACOSTE PINK for women, TOMMYBOY (M), POLO SPORT PAL (M), HUGO BOSS (M/W), Victoria’s Secret, Issey Miyake (W) Michael Jordan(M) CK and 12 other scents.

Free Training and Seminars

W-Rich Marketing Philippines is conveniently located at 2nd floor Trinisia Building, Arayat corner EDSA, Cubao Quezon City. (Near MRT Station)

Tel No: (02) 4486335