I am receiving a lot of e-mails recently regarding my internet cafe earnings that I posted few months back and asking what are the most common things to be considered when setting up an internet cafe. To answer all those questions, here are some of my tips based on my own personal experience.


A must. Having it on a highly populated area will definitely increase your chances of having your investment back and at the same time gain more repeat customers. It is best to setup near public markets, schools and residential areas.

The Budget

How many computers would you like to have?

Price normally is at Php12K-Php15K ($250-$350) and typically the ideal number is 10 PC’s. The reason behind this is that the rising popularity of online and LAN games. Kids and young adult will normally play in batches, so the more computers you have the more you’re about to gain loyal players, I mean customers.

Computer Specifications

I will suggest to check first the system requirements of various online-games. You don’t want to purchase a PC that may become obsolete in the next coming months. The demand for higher graphics display, memory and processor speed are the most common specs that your customers maybe looking at. Also, having a reasonable high-end PC will avoid the hassles of upgrading your computer often. AMD computer setup is highly recommended. You can have both speed and quality at an affordable price, unlike with Pentium based PC.

Technical Knowhow, Networking

If you happen to know the basics of installing you’re operating system then you’re good to go. Previously, I am having a hard time connecting all the PC’s together, it’s windows 98 back then that I am trying to hook up. I’ve notice the huge improvement in Windows XP, it is really Plug-and-Play. Just install your OS and during setup, leave the workgroup to it’s default configuration and then plug all the cables to your switch hub and you’re done!

Suggested Freewares

That’s all for today. Feel free to drop me a comment, if you think I miss something.