Last month we had the chance to visit the Philippine’s Franchise Expo 2007 at the World Trade Center. It was a great experience and quite interesting to see that a lot of my fellow Filipinos are still looking for opportunities to do business here rather than leaving their country and work abroad.

One of the reason why we visited the expo is to sign-up for First Food Link, a company offering everyday Filipino favorite food of premium quality at affordable prices.It also gives an opportunity to people who may want to start a business in the food industry. This is what I am talking about in my previous post regarding passive income. But unfortunately we weren’t able to find them in the expo, too bad. Even if we weren’t able to sign up on that day, we then decided to look around and see if there are also similar franchising concepts that First Food Link offers.



Most of the franchisers that the expo have are local food chain companies such as Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon, Pancake House etc. Those are the front liners and the usual target franchisee belong to Class A (aristocrats). For class B and C they have these small to medium scaled business ranging from food carts, dealerships and investing. Food carts like Potato Corner, Fruit Magic, Soy Yummy, Potato Cuddler, Mr. Meaty, Sam’s Everything is on stick, Dimsum Republic, Netopia and Smart Computer Rentals and many more. Franchise fee ranges from $1,000 to $1,500. Dealerships include Mini Stop, Gaz House, Glamlab, Netopia, Monterey Meat Shop. Price starts at $4,500 and up. Mutual Funds and Real Estate are the two investment scheme that they have.


I wasn’t able to get what I want from the expo, but all in all it was also a learning experience. Dreaming of having my own McDonald’s is my ultimate goal. So it really helps visiting these kind of activities, because what it does is putting your mind to work on how possible you can achieve financial freedom by being your own boss.


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