wealth within Making Millions from Mutual FundsI’m no expert in terms of investing and I don’t claim to be one. However, I just want to share some insights that I am hearing from this so-called mutual funds and how can an ordinary person like me, avail of this opportunity..

Investing is for the Rich and Wealthy?

Investing for me before is like a legalize gambling AND is only available for those who can afford to buy luxurious cars, people who are running a corporation or let’s just say a venue for wealthy personalities that are capable of risking their money in exchange for a higher yield. From that perception, you can say right away “uh-uh that’s not for me and I don’t have the money to spare, sorry” so in a snap of a finger, it completely shuts down the idea and leaves no opportunity behind. Right?

No not anymore, the growing popularity of mutual fund created a buzz and opens the door for us to buy shares from corporation at a VERY affordable price. That’s not all, it is risk-free! we’ll sort of. Meaning that for every investment you made in mutual fund, the probability of your money being loss is much lesser compare to starting up a small business. It’s yield is considerably higher and better, if we will base it on a regular bank deposit. Just think about that!

COLAYCO Foundation

Francisco J. Colayco, founder of Colayco Foundation Inc and the author of the best selling book “Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo” (Wealth within your reach) I have seen this person on the TV before and neatly explains how to make millions out of Mutual Funds. By simply saving Php 30.00 a day ($0.67) and have it invested in mutual funds, it can grow to as much as Php 90 Million Pesos in 40 years ($888,888.00). It was based on the computation of compounding interest. Here’s an excerpt from Colayco Foundation’s FAQ:

Earnings of mutual funds grow more because it follows KSK Commandment # 6 – the principle of compounding. Gains from the sale of equity or fixed income securities of the mutual fund are REINVESTED into the purchase of new equity or fixed income securities for the same mutual fund. Therefore, when you finally sell your shares in the mutual fund, you already reap the benefits of compounding the earnings of your investment.

If you think about it, 40 years is a huge amount of time and you may think that the amount of money on that era is not as valuable as it is today. Ok, it may not be THAT enough but I think what he wants to point out is securing the future after we retire. And I guess if the Philippines is lucky enough to neutralize the inflation rate in the next coming years then we will end up like we won in a lottery. Hehehehe

The Book: Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo

I’ve been itching now to have a copy of this book and I feel my post regarding Mutual Funds are still insufficient. I am seriously taking Mr. Colayco’s advise to invest in mutual funds but then educating my self first on this venue will be my priority, it is better safe than sorry. SO, as soon as I read the book, I’ll immediately share my thoughts about it.

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