We started this business late last year, probably October. We spent almost $5000.00 to put it up. The money came from our savings and with the help from other relatives. Here is the breakdown.


Computers – 10 units at $240.00/ea

Software – $880.00

Router – $40.00

Hub (16 port)- $80.00

LAN cables – $10.00

Printer – $40.00

Tables – $18.00/ea

Chairs – $4.00/ea

Posters – $5.00

Improvements – $1200.00

TOTAL: $4,875.00

We have a flat rate of $ 0.3/hr on all computer activities such as games, chat, research etc. That brings a $3/hr revenue in 10 computers. Normal operation would be at 8-10 hours, so utilizing only 75% of it gives us at least $21 each day. Other services like printing, scanning, uploading mobile contents such as ringtones, graphics etc. adds at least $40-$50. In a month we are getting $680.00 gross income.


Electricity – $70.00

Rent: $40.00

Miscellaneous: $60.00

Net Profit per month : $510.00

Return of Investment: Approximately 10-12 months

Even if the earnings wasn’t too impressive for some well developed countries, We still manage to have some extra cash passively without much of my presence . Actually that amount here in the Philippines is good enough as a replacement salary. We also like the idea of branching out, hopefully we can double it’s monthly income.

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