Attention: Soap Making Made Simple!

I am surprised the way how my Php 300.00 ($6.50) investment tripled it’s earning in two weeks.

dwl.thumbnail How profitable is the dish washing liquid soap in the Philippines?I was then looking for another part time income to beef-up the frozen food franchise that we had last month and just so happen to see this opportunity from a liquid dish washing soap. If you’re here in the Philippines, were all aware how these companies are doing in our market.

Now how was I able to have that income?

Think about this. If I were to give you a package of dish washing formula that can make 12 Liters of dish washing liquid with almost the same quality of the leading brand at a cost of Php 300.00 ($6.50) and has the potential of triplicating your investment, would you be interested?

Try to buy a 50ml of “Joy dish washing liquid”, how much does it cost? If I am not mistaken it’s around Php 10.00 ($0.22). Then do the math.

Applying the condition that we have above:

12,000 ml / 50 ml per sachet = 240 sachets
Multiplied by the selling price of Php 10.00 we get: 240 sachets x Php 10.00/sachet = Php 2,400.00

So just imagine how much are they earning from this backyard business if they are about to produce millions of gallons of a dish washing liquid alone.

We started selling our own at the same price but we double it’s volume, and I believe it is fair enough to the consumer since they are getting their money’s worth without sacrificing the quality.

dwl.thumbnail How profitable is the dish washing liquid soap in the Philippines?We earned Php 900.00 from a Php 300.00 investment and thinking about introducing four more scents. The good thing about this is, it is not perishable and doesn’t require much of your attention. Just display it and let the consumer buy it. The process to complete the solution usually takes 15-20 minutes and for the packaging we tried a different approach, instead of the traditional PET bottle, we used a dispenser that acts like a refilling station. No more worries about the added cost of packaging.

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