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In my post How profitable is the dish washing liquid soap in the Philippines, generated a lot of queries both in forums and e-mail and I have tried my very best to answer all of them one by one. But as time goes by, the numbers are still climbing up. For those who e-mailed me recently, please accept my apology for not answering your concerns. This has been a very busy week for me including some fierce and harsh conversation with my ISP, (my connection is down for 2 days, ouch!) and just to ease up some of your questions, I have then decided to make a post out of it.

W-Rich Marketing Philippines

This is a by membership only offer, for as low as 225 pesos.

You will learn how to make the very salable products listed below from qualified W-RICH trainers, in a step by step procedure and actual demos. Then you can start making your own by using our do-it- yourself starter kit.


  1. Fabric Softener Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 14 liters. – PhP 795.00
  2. Perfume Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 200ml – PhP 595.00
  3. Perfume Set (Finished Product) Packed at 30ml x 5 bottles – Php 595.00
  4. Dish washing Liquid Set (Raw Materials) Can produce at least 12 liters – Php 395.00
  5. Fabric Softener (Finished Product) Softouch scent – Php 225.00

Purchase any of the do-it-yourself starter kits listed above will serve as your membership fee and entitles you for a discount on succeeding purchases. You can also earn through their points and referral system

Household Products Line:

  • Fabric Softener – OceanFresh, Softouch, FloralComfort Scents.
  • Liquid Dishwashing Soap – Strawberry, Greeanapple, Lemon, Calamansi Scents
  • All Purpose Detergent Powder – 3 variants

Perfumery Products:

Perfumes, Colognes – Their versions of: POLO Black for men, LACOSTE PINK for women, TOMMYBOY (M), POLO SPORT PAL (M), HUGO BOSS (M/W), Victoria’s Secret, Issey Miyake (W) Michael Jordan(M) CK and 12 other scents.

Free Training and Seminars

W-Rich Marketing Philippines is conveniently located at 2nd floor Trinisia Building, Arayat corner EDSA, Cubao Quezon City. (Near MRT Station)

Tel No: (02) 4486335