It’s been barely a week ago since we first started our food venture. And like what I have said I’ll lay out the details of our investment and how we do business.

Doing Business

First Food Link offers three ways of building it’s franchise. First is by being a food dealer, Second as a food cart operator and lastly being a Product center itself. Being a food dealer entitles you to an automatic 20% discount on all of the products that FFL offers. Also part of being a food dealer, you will also have an accident insurance from PhilamLife as a bonus, a starter kit and gift certificates from FFL. In a month and if you’re residing in a residential area, a gross sales of P 9 – 10k pesos per month is attainable. As a side income you would normally get around P 1.5 – 2K. Nod bad eh?

As a food cart operator, in which this is the package that we have, you will sell cooked FFL products like our traditional food concepts of tapsilog, tocilog, and many more. It includes Food cart with Initial Products, Multi-Cooker, Weighing Scale, 2 pcs. Sauce Dispenser, Tray, Apron, Menu Board, Cooking Manual, Accident Insurance worth P50,000. Benefits include, 24% discount on FFL products. So you can sell frozen food and earn 4% from your members and 24% on non-members. Over the week, we are averaging at least P300 – P600 gross sales per day. We hope to double the sales as soon as we employ our marketing tactics.

Product Center will act as an extension of First Food Link’s main office operation. Main function includes processing of membership, product sales and a venue of seminar for potential members. What will you get from being a product center? A service fee for every member who will register at P88.00, a 100% refund of gift certificates redemption of members and a huge 28% discount on all FFL product line. Package includes: Seven (7) Membership Packages @ PhP 1,888.88 each, One (1) unit 14 cu.ft. Chest Freezer, First Food Link Products worth PhP 26,600.00 SRP, Signage, Tarpaulin, Marketing Materials and One-Time Franchise Fee.

Franchise Cost

  • Food Dealer – P 1,888.88
  • Food Cart Operator – P8,888.88
  • Product Center – P88,888.88

In the next few months we will be upgrading our franchise package to a Product center. To maximize the potential of gaining more members in our area and availing the huge 28% discount.

Network Marketing Scheme

Yes, It does have network marketing but not like those traditional and conventional way of just recruiting people and this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. FFL decided to imply network marketing for one purpose, to push the product. We all know how powerful the word of mouth marketing is. By doing such step FFL, as a new player in the food industry, would like to deliver quality products at affordable prices. If you would like to know how their Network Marketing works, feel free to subscribe to my feeds and I’ll have it posted in the next few days.

Quality of Food

All of these will be worthless if the product itself is a junk. Right? First thing we made sure of before signing up is that we will not be compromised on the food that we will offer. Well true enough, the food itself speaks to it’s quality, superb taste and within your pocket’s reach. With this, I believe that the company has a very promising future. To my fellow kababayans, go ahead and try it for yourself, I know we don’t have the same taste buds but I tell you guys this one is definitely worth trying.