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“How I Made $203-$386 a Day With My Own Ice Cream Truck Business”

If you like ice creams, then this is yet just another business opportunity available to my fellow kababayans who are looking for a good part time income. Filipinos love ice creams. Magnolia, Nestle and Selecta are some of the known ice cream products that are making big waves in the ice cream industry here in the Philippines. As a tropical country, you will noticed that ice cream parlors nowadays are becoming a huge and lucrative business even on a rainy season. So if you feel unlucky that you can’t join the bandwagon because you can’t avail the high paying franchise or dealership cost of companies mentioned above then this is the one that is right for you.

Introducing ice cream industries new player, Creamline Dairy Corporation.

Who is?

Creamline Dairy Corporation is duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on July 13, 2004 and with the Bureau of Food & Drugs under LTO No. RDII-RIII-F-2132 for the purpose of manufacturing ice cream products both for the domestic and export markets. The Company is now one of the fastest growing entities in the ice cream business with fast growing /increasing dealers nationwide. The plant is located inside Clark Freeport Zone, at Building No. 5270 C.M. Recto Highway. Brand new state of the art machinery & equipment are imported from Italy (acclaimed ice cream capital of the world) ensuring highest quality standard of its products.

The company is owned by a number of businessmen who have distinguished themselves in entrepreneurship and professional management. They are Vicente O. Agustin, President & CEO, veteran banker Deogracias N. Vistan as Board Chairman, top insurance executive Estelito G. Madrid, noted entrepreneur Edilberto B. Bravo, and businessmen Luis C. Ribaya, Manuel Torres, Duck Woo Hahn and Candido Vergel de Dios.

Under the brand name “Creamline,” the company has five product lines, namely: Cream Cones (frozen ice cream on sugar cones,regular and premium sizes); Cream Bars (ice drops in 5 flavors); Cream Coolers (icycles in 6 flavors); Cream cups (regular and sundaes) and packaged or bulk ice cream in pint, liter, half-gallon, and gallon sizes.

Business Opportunity

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Be a part of Creamline’s INSTANT NEGOSYO PROGRAM!

Check out our list of Dealers and find out if there is Creamline partner near you. For a very decent amount of investment, you can take part of the Creamline’s successful INSTANT NEGOSYO PROGRAM. “Sa amin ang freezer, sa’yo ang laman”.

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How to be a Creamline Dealer?

Very simple process. Just dial any of the numbers of creamline, state your name, give the place where you want to operate and ask who is the BDO in charge in the area.

Normally, applicant is required to invest in ten outlets.

Does Creamline give exclusive dealership?

Yes. BDO will assess your account, and perhaps give you the number of freezers to be deployed in your area, in exchange for the exclusivity. In practive, dealer should be able to deploy at least 30 freezers to be able to enjoy the exclusivity grant.

What type of freezer is ideal for me?

This obviously depends on the daily unit sales and the space available. Dealers may select one medium, one small; two small or two medium or one large. It should not be limited to just one medium. Sometimes, it makes sense to buy one small and one large, the latter being used in a non-premium space as back-up freezer to minimize out of stock situations.

All freezer purchases must be paid for in cash.

What other Business Opportunities does the company offers?

Creamline Dairy Corporation is also open for Franchise business and Distributorship/Depot level.

For more information, please email: