boss Be Your Own BossLet’s start our own business. Yes! This is the niche that I would like to keep rolling on my blog. (Of course there will still be post about computer related stuffs). Why? First of all, doing business is being disregarded by many because not all the tools, adequate information and proper education are being honed in schools. Right? This is why majority of us are forced to formulate a dazzling resume, submitting ourselves to the companies and eventually work on a daily basis. Second, this is also one of the reason why we don’t indulge ourselves into it, capital. The money that we need to get all this started. Third, not all of us are gifted to have the managerial and management skills. These are just some examples of what I call “The Ghost of Business”.

Many times I often hear people say that they don’t want to risk their hard-earned money. It’s the risk factor that keeps them at bay. Well, I agree. Putting up a business is not a sure thing. In fact statistics wise, 90% of businesses fail in 0 to 5 years of operation, 5% can make it up to 10 years and the remainder manage to keep it growing. These figures will surely tell you to say “NO” to business. But keep in mind, the way we live today is different from what we have from the past. We are in the age of Information and Technology. Nowadays, almost anything is possible. With the help of the internet, it gives us the chance to have a global market. Let’s think big!

To start with, I would like to share some of my past experience putting up my own money maker, the current settings that I have, and a business that I would like to have for good in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim myself as an expert on this field. There are so many people who has their own stories of success and how they made it on top. Those could be more beneficial to you, but with this blog and in my own little way, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to learn on how we can also make it happen. For those people who already has their own, drop us a comment. I need your contributions so that others who will read through and follow these journey will benefit from the “do’s and dont’s” of having a business.

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