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Learn Effective Dieting from The CHIEF

This is my very first attempt on affiliate marketing. The website, Chief will promote diet supplements and other related health products.

It has been a month old and I don’t have any idea on how far will this go. I have not made a sale yet because I am still trying to figure out which would be the best converting keyword for the site. Initially, I have set it up to use Weight Lost! but it appears to be found nowhere on the SERPS so I revert it back to it’s original name Chief Dietician.

Are there any bloggers out there that do the same thing like Chief Dietician does? Care to exchange links? icon biggrin Learn Effective Dieting from The CHIEF

The $10 Laptop – Cheapest Ever

Where would this $10 laptop come from?

Answer: India!

The specs according to media reports is, it features 2GB RAM, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and will consume just 2W of power. It is called Sakshat and will go for production in six months. Sorry no pictures yet. If it’s true that India can make this $10 laptop, just imagine how can they grow even more in the IT industry. Though the process on how will they do it and the costing still puzzles me. The OLPC was ok @ $100 and is doing great all in all but if Sakshat will live to it’s expectation then I think OLPC will be history.

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Media Temple DV Base RAM Upgrade

I just upgraded my MT DV base server to have an additional 256 MB of RAM, this upgrade will give me a 512 MB of dedicated memory. That cost’s me $77 in total and a recurring monthly charge of $40 a month + hosting fee. All in all, it’s gonna be a $82 hosting cost for my sites per month, whew!

I thought I won’t be needing an upgrade. After installing APC, I was able to get rid of my memory problems for probably about a week. Then came yesterday, the site stalls again and gave me numerous memory failures.

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