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Blogger’s Wave

Recently I have stumbled upon this website that offers opportunity to make money on your blogs, just like PPP and Review ME. It’s called BloggerWave. Yet another way to earn money online. What’s cool with blogger wave is their payout. I believe the minimum is at $10 for a 50 word post. So it’s like an instant money right away. Currently, I’m seeing two opportunities on my dashboard, hopefully after making my first post they will continue to add more. Payment is made after 30 days, once the review has been approved.

 Bloggers Wave

Protected: My Fifth Adsense Earnings

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Adsense Earnings

I told you, this is going to be a very good year. Just want to let you know that I already got my fifth adsense earnings last week. A very good monthly pension. haha, but still not good enough as a replacement salary. Hopefully in the near future it will.

I normally post my earnings here at the start of the month, but this time I would like it to try something different. I will not post my earning anymore unless you really want to know how much I earned. hehe So basically this is intended to those people who wants to take a peek on my online venture and who are also seeking a way to earn money online. All you need to do is drop me a comment with a valid e-mail and I will personally send you the password to my fifth adsense earnings post. That’s all for now.