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How to: Use Gmail for your Domained E-mail

What the hell am I talking about? Honestly, I don’t know the right word to say hehe. But what I mean is, we used to have our own domained e-mail right? Like for example admin[at]nusingcrib[dot]com (our e-mail in our website). It is used to be hosted in your web hosting account right? I didn’t setup my domained e-mail (if that is the right term) before because of spams. Yeah, we all know how troublesome a spam mail is and if you’re hosting account is very limited then it could mean a big trouble.

One thing I came across is this Google Apps. It was only yesterday that I found out that Gmail can actually host your own domained e-mail. We’ll that’s good news!

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Cadillac – A Car of Elegance and Beauty

Cars, cars cars. Every person here in earth would like to have their own cars someday. I have one now but it’s not as elegant as a New Cadillac Manchester NH in America. Cadillac is one of my dream car aside from Ferrari. Cadillac cars are known to be the cars of the elites. Do you ever wonder why they were the top choice of the Rich and Famous? I still don’t know but after a few googling here’s what I find out.

  • Cadillac has a well deserved reputation for reliability and durability as well as unparalleled comfort.
  • They have been manufacturing cars since 1903.
  • They aim for both speed and safety.
  • Cadillac became the first American automobile manufacturer to win the coveted Dewar Trophy for the standardization of automobile parts.

And there were a lot more. It’s in my list of my “want to drive” cars. It was disappointing to see that there were only few Cadillac cars that are roaming here in the Philippines. That’s why if you happen to see a rare Cadillac car running through the streets, you just cant help but be amazed of it’s elegance and beauty. It is totally a head turner.

Toyota in F1

Here in the Philippines, most cars that you will see in our streets are mostly Japanese cars like Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Through the years, it has been Toyota Motors that dominates our car market and up to now, they are still the number one best selling car manufacturer of all time in our country. That alone tells you the reliability,beauty and durability of a Toyota car.

Toyota Corolla was one of the most admired cars of Toyota, no doubt. The sale of Corolla over the past years are exceptional not only here in the Philippines but all over the world. Toyota Corolla Virginia was just one of them. Almost all the cars that you see before were all Corollas which reminds me how dominant the Japanese car manufacturer is. And this could also be the reason why they brace the challenge to join F1.

My fascination and love for cars began when I first watch a Formula One racing in TV. It was 1998, the time of Michael Scuhumacher and Mika Hakkinen. Schumacher was one of my biggest influence. That’s why I’m so happy to know when Michael’s brother, Ralf will drive the F1 Toyota car when they first joined F1 few years back. They may not be the best performing F1 car as of this moment, but I certainly believed that their experience and expertise in the car industry will lead them to their first ever F1 constructor’s championship.