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Surveys Online

We’re all aware how effective an online poll is and how beneficial can it be for webmaster’s selling goods online, right? For bloggers, surveys is also one tool for having some interactivity going on the website.

WordPress users have the luxury of getting some ready made plugins that can be easily integrated on their site. But for those who aren’t using wordpress, easy-poll has a solution for you. Their free poll requires no database and no software. All information and actions are saved on their server. If you have a high traffic site, you can consider the amount of load that you can save from your webhost by passing it through easy-poll. Check them out!

I Joined Smorty

After PPP, I now have a smorty account. Smorty basically is a service for advertisers and bloggers. It work like PPP wherein advertisers advertise on blogs and pays the blogger about a product or service with a link back to the their website.
With these services beginning to emerge on the internet, additional money making opportunities online was made open to bloggers. What could be more simpler by doing a review, posting it on your blog and getting paid?

If you want to join smorty I will suggest to get a domain instead of having it hosted under blogspot or Your blog must be at least three months old and updated for you to qualify.

Assignments are available in the smorty’s dashboard and once a review is accepted, you are given at least 3 days to complete. Once you’re done with your review, click on the submit link and enter your post title and post URL. Payments are issued in 2 weeks time. The minimum number of words required for each review is 150. Want to join me? Then start blogging.

Sunday Special Issue #4

It’s Sunday once again. What a beautiful day! I hope that you guys enjoyed your weekend. Here are some cool post from the blog-o-sphere. Enjoy reading!

Local Scene:

International Arena: