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20% Chance to Increase Bandwidth

Hey guys! check this out, I got this tweak from, a site that buy/sell/trade computer peripherals locally here in the Philippines. It has something to do with the QOS packet scheduler in Windows XP Professional Edition talking about it’s reserved bandwidth. I did a little research and here is what I got from

“The default system behavior is that all 100% bandwidth is available, however, if there is a running application that indicates to the OS it needs to send high priority/real time data, then as long as it has the socket open, Windows XP will restrict “best effort” traffic to 80% of the bandwidth so that high priority traffic can be accommodated. Basically, applications can make this request to the operating system for QoS support using the QoS application programming interfaces (APIs) in Windows and this only applies if a specific app is requesting QoS.”

If you’d like to change how much bandwidth is reserved for QoS (the default is 20% of the total bandwidth), do the following:

1. Make sure you’re logged in as “Administrator” (not just any account with admin privileges).
2. Navigate to START>Run and type: gpedit.msc
3. Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Administrative Templates > Network > QOS Packet Scheduler
4. In the right window, double-click the limit reservable bandwidth setting
5. On the setting tab, check the enabled setting.
6. Where it says “Bandwidth limit %”, change it to read 0 (or whatever percentage you want to reserve for high priority QoS data)
7. Click OK, close gpedit.msc

Under START > My Computer > My Network Connections > View Network Connections, right-click on your connection and under Properties (where it lists your protocols), make sure QOS Packet Scheduler is enabled.

You need to reboot for changes to take effect.
Note: This tweak applies only to The Professional version of Windows XP.

I’ll try this on my end and will have an update later.



Here are the results that I got.

147979063 20% Chance to Increase Bandwidth

147980425 20% Chance to Increase Bandwidth
A pretty nice improvement from what I am getting before. How about yours? icon biggrin 20% Chance to Increase Bandwidth

Non-www versus www

Yipee! I finally got it working. After 2 weeks of trials and errors, my site is now utilizing one domain which is I prefer to use it because nowadays web surfers normally key-in the domain itself on the address bar without the www. You may ask what will be benefit that I can get from it? Well, as a newbie to blogging as well as to web development, I learned that search engines indexed our sites into two different means. One is using a www and the other is a non-www format. Based on the e-book that I have read, search engines like google consider this as two different websites. So, if you’re after to have a good pagerank ratings, then I believe that we should start from using one domain format. My continued research wouldn’t be possible without the help of Mr. John Chow’s e-book regarding making money online. On his e-book, he emphasized the value of using one domain.

By the way, you may ask how I managed to make it working? The answer is simple, modifying .htaccess to have a 301 URL redirect. Simple? Err, for a beginner like me, it sounds too technical especially I don’t have any backgrounds yet on programming. It just so happened that I have a good guide to follow to get this thing started. I begin by backing up my .htaccess file, for security of course if something goes wrong, and then started playing along with it. The way I look at it, you just have to add and type the codes for 301 URL redirect and it should work. I have done that and it didn’t push through. I mean the re-direction works but every time I click on my post and links, it will give me 404 error that the page was not found. I read again and I made sure that I am using the correct format, syntax, spacing and all that but still it won’t.

I also seek assistance from my webhosting service but they don’t provide support for Web development, 3rd party scripts, SEO, consultations and specialized related issues. Their best advise is to read through the module of mod_rewrite. Ok, I did and I checked it. It has some additional codes included that may be of help. I re-write and manually key in all the codes but same frustration is what I got.

Several websites suggested the same mod_rewrite rules on .htaccess but I can’t understand why I am getting that 404 page not found error. I almost give up, sort of. But then I noticed something about the permalink structures. I logged in to wordpress and changed my permalink structure to it’s default setting. Guess what?? It worked! But it doesn’t end there, how come others can use the /%postname%/ permalink structure using the same re-direct? I can now make it work using WP’s default setting as well as Date and name based and Numeric but not with custom setting.

If you check my site now, you will see that the /%postname%/ structure works and I’m not getting that pesky 404 error page anymore. How? with the help of a small and simple wordpress plugin icon biggrin Non www versus www Damn, It took me two weeks understanding Apache Mod_rewrite and asking questions to guru’s just to have this thing working. Oh well, my adventures now on mod_rewite and 301 URL redirects officially ended. I Hope you like this plugin too. Thanks to for sharing this wordpress plugin!


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If you want to learn about mod_rewrite, check these sites:

Plugoo Beta

plg2 Plugoo Beta

Look what I have found out! Plugoo. Plugoo allows you to chat directly in your blogs or websites with your fave instant messenger. Supported IM’s are Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN messenger, Jabber and ICQ. One cool thing about Plugoo is that you can customize the colors and the messages that you would like to appear on your site.

Once you have signed in to your IM, Plugoo will update your status on your site, notifying your visitors that you are online, and they can immediately chat with you right away. Both messages will show on your IM and the Plugoo chat box. Adding Plugoo to your site is a breeze, once you have successfully created your account and done customizing it’s appearance, just simply copy the auto-generated HTML code located at the bottom. Plugoo can be automatically installed in Typepad and Blogspirit, for WordPress users and whose sidebar is widgetized, just add a text widget and paste the code. That’s it and you’re done.

Visit and get your plugoo chat box. Enjoy! icon biggrin Plugoo Beta